Charlie Roberts

Borrowing from art historical and pop cultural references, painted with a free flowing ease that cares less for reality as it does immediacy, Charlie Roberts’ narrative paintings capture that ordinary slice of everyday life that most people might pass over. Young Mothers with strollers and Baby Bjorns sipping wine at an outdoor cafe, complete with charging cell phones. Sporty girls adorned with commercial logos balancing on yoga balls or riding a skateboard simultaneously carrying tennis racquets and hockey sticks. Roberts subjects, abstracted in a manner similar to Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d'Avignon with elongated limbs and accentuated torsos imbue a fluid sense of realism, without definition of body and features. His environments likewise are a wash of color and brushstroke directed movements with lines that take you in and out and back into the frame and transform Roberts two-dimensional surface in to a subtly chaotic, yet ordered space.


Born in Kansas, educated in Vancouver and living and working in Oslo, Norway, Charlie Roberts has enjoyed solo exhibition in New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, London, Oslo, Stockholm and Amsterdam.